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To Discount Brokers, you are a faceless, nameless transaction fee.
You’re worth $50 or $100 per transaction.
Your fee helps the Broker pay his Internet bill next month.

At Big Name Brand Brokers, you’re a top-line revenue generator.
They count on your fees to help expand and grow their business.
You’re a profit-generating cash cow.

At Copeland & Co. Real Estate, you’re just you.
And that’s exactly who we’re looking for.

Go ahead – compare all the benefits we offer below with our competition.

Access to Principal Broker NO YES YES
Use of Prime Office and Desk NO MAYBE YES
Brokerage-Generated Leads NO NO YES
Free Weekly Training NO NO YES
Personalized Coaching NO NO YES
Free Marketing Materials NO NO YES
Regular Group Outings NO NO YES
Lunch & Learns and Workshops NO NO YES
Family Atmosphere NO NO YES


Copeland & Co. Real Estate offers a traditional Brokerage model for the modern Realtor. We’ve combined the best of both worlds. We’re building a brand through lean and effective marketing and advertising campaigns that will carry the company through the ages. At the same time, we’re leveraging technology to help our agents do what they do best – sell.

All of our agents enjoy basic benefits, which we believe every Brokerage should offer. These include the use of an office and equipment in a prime target location; access to branded, attractive marketing collateral; weekly training on sales, marketing, and building your brand; and the ability to speak with a principal Broker, face-to-face, when you need help. In exchange for these valuable resources that take time, effort, and skill to build and scale, we ask for a flat, fair, traditional commission split.

But we went even further with our model – for agents that qualify, we offer advertising expense sharing, Broker-generated leads, and much more. Trying walking into a Discount or Big Brand Brokerage demanding that.

Are you tired of broken promises, and making other people rich? Ready to Do It Differently? 
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