Purchasing a rental property in Palm Beach County

Purchasing a real estate investment property in Palm Beach County is a prudent and long-term strategy for putting wealth to work. Renters in Palm Beach County are reliable. Rental rates are on the rise. In 2015, the average rental price increase was 8% to $1,429. That’s a good indicator of a stable rental market for investors. However, any investment requires many important considerations, not the least of which Realtor you will choose.

Hire an agent with experience in investment property purchases

Purchasing an investment property can be a tricky process. There are a lot of issue you need to be aware of, so it’s important to hire an agent who can guide you based on experience and knowledge. Consider some of these common issues, and what we consider to be the fix for them.

Issues that commonly arise: How to avoid these issues:
Properties that carry HOA liens, or have rules against or restricting rentals Hire a good real estate investor agent who can investigate HOA issues before you make an offer
Properties that require unseen or non-obvious rehabilitation, including electrical, HVAC or structural issues Hire a good agent that can make a referral for an inspector who specializes in investment or rental-income properties
Paying too much money for an investment property Hire an agent who understands how to value rental income and investment properties based on industry-standard valuation methods like cap rates and cash flow analysis.
Title issues, common to foreclosure and pre-foreclosure properties Hire an agent who has a background in dealing with and working through complex title issues that include tax liens and fees.

How we serve our investor clients

  • Selecting investment opportunities that most close meet meet your needs, desires, goals, needs, and wants
  • Working within your budget to maximize return on capital investment
  • Qualifying and quantifying available investment properties with appropriate financial metrics, including capital holding costs, depreciation, and cash flow models
  • Discovering future investment opportunities that you can quickly take advantage of

We have brokered real estate investment purchase transactions for single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes and more in and around Palm Beach County. In addition, we have also helped many investors dispose of investment properties through real estate investment property sales.

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