Questions To Ask During Your Home Inspection

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Home Inspection - QuestionsGetting notified that the offer you made to buy your new home was accepted is one of the most gratifying and exciting moments of the home buyer’s journey. And then comes the dreaded home inspection period.

Now, you don’t have to be anxious for your home inspection. The inspection itself is a process that protects you, the purchaser. You hire the inspector, and the inspector works for you. Their job is to evaluate the whole home, top to bottom and front to back, from structure to electrical to plumbing, and report back to you what they find.

Many home buyers don’t realize that they can actually talk to their home inspector! Our Realtors, in fact, encourage it. Here are the questions we want you to ask your home inspector before you hire them!

What does this inspection cover? Not all inspections are the same. You can ask your inspection company specifically what they will go over in their report. You can also ask to see a copy of a recent client’s inspection, too.

If you are concerned about something specific, like the plumbing in the back, you can also ask them specifically: is that something you will look at?

Are you licensed, certified, and insured? Many state required inspectors to be licensed and insured. You don’t want an inspector who is neither. If they hurt themselves on the property, that could create legal liability. You can search for someone’s license at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) licensee search portal.

You could also ask in your inspector belongs to their main trade group, the American Society of Home Inspectors. This shows a level of professionalism and education that you can trust.

What kind of report will you give me? You should expect a written report detailing what the inspector found. Most inspectors will give you a typed report within a week of the inspection. You can also ask if the inspector will be willing to make him or herself available after the report, to go over any questions or concerns you have with anything they found, or anything in the report.

Will I be able to attend the inspection? If the inspector refuses to let you be present during the home inspection, find someone else. This is your chance to know exactly what you are buying, and what potential repairs will need to be done.

BONUS: DON’T LET THE HOME SELLER OR THE SELLER’S AGENT BE PRESENT DURING THE INSPECTION! This is something our Realtors never allow. The homeowner and/or the seller’s Realtor might want to hover around during the inspection to see what’s going on. Don’t let them. This is a report you paid for, and the inspector works for you, and only you. Anything they see in that report could be used against you in negotiations later down the road.

Got a question about the home inspection process?

Give our knowledgable and talented Realtors a call today at 561-500-LIST (5478) – we are always available to answer any questions you have about the home buying process, or the inspection process!

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