Advice for Buying a Single-Family Home in Palm Beach County

The market is moving quickly. This is especially true for homes in specific price ranges. For example, on average, homes in the $200,000 – $300,000 range sell three times as quickly as homes priced $300,000 and above (Source: RAPB local market updates). If you are shopping for homes, and you find something you like, move on it quickly!

Get pre-approved before you start looking for homes. That will save you time and trouble, and, being pre-approved by a lender makes you a more attractive buyer when you do put in an offer.

Make sure you “gel” with your Realtor. First of all, definitely work with a Realtor, even if it’s not us. It doesn’t cost you anything (the seller pays the Realtor’s commissions), but more importantly, buying a home is an incredibly complex process. Take no chances. But, and this is important, make sure you “gel” with the Realtor you choose. How well you get along with your Realtor is extremely important if and when difficulties and problems pop up, as they often do.

It’s for this reason that we always strongly suggest you do not hire your friend, uncle, or neighbor who happens to be a Realtor. Just because you know them doesn’t mean they are experienced or talented. It also doesn’t mean that your personalities match and gel. So don’t do it! Here’s some good advice: when that person asks you why you didn’t hire them, say, “I know a lot of Realtors, so to be fair, I just chose someone who isn’t a friend”.

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Tracie Copeland


Tracie Copeland has been a licensed Broker-Owner since 2015. She lives in east Lake Worth, Florida.

Regina Yagudina, GRI

Broker Associate

Regina Yagudina is a Broker Associate with Copeland & Co., and speaks Russian fluently.

Dara Dickinson, GRI

Sales Associate

Dara is a seasoned Realtor with a warm personality, and a GRI graduate.

Marlym Duenas

Sales Associate

Marlyn Duenas is a Venezuelan-born residential real estate Sales Associate with Copeland & Co. Real Estate in West Palm Beach. She is fluent in Spanish.

Stephanie Wilson

Sales Associate

West Palm Beach Sales Associate and Realtor Stephanie Wilson joined the condo and townhouse residential sales team at Copeland & Co. Real Estate.

Elida Ferro

Associate Realtor

Elida “Yisele” Ferro is an Associate Realtor with Copeland & Co. Real Estate in West Palm Beach. Elida has more than a decade experience.

Ana Fernandez

Associate Realtor

Ana Fernandez is an associate Realtor with Copeland & Co. Real Estate. Ana loves working with home buyers!