Tracie Copeland Earns Her CNE Level 2 Certificate

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CNE Level 2As the Broker-Owner of Copeland & Co. Real Estate, Tracie Copeland’s most valuable asset is her experience in getting buyers and sellers to the closing table successfully. Even with over 15 years of experience in real estate, she is always eager to learn new techniques and skills that can give her a competitive advantage over other agents during negotiations.

Tracie continues to set the bar higher and higher for her agents, and did so again with her recent successful completion of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute’s Certified Negotiation Expert Level 2 course, specializing in negotiations for buyer’s agents. Negotiation skills are vital for a successful career as a real estate agent, and the CNE certificate will add another weapon to Tracie’s arsenal of real estate skills.

Recall in 2016 that Tracie Copeland Completed her CNE Level 1, and shortly thereafter, Broker Associate Jennifer Booker followed in her steps.

Now that Tracie has completed her level 2 CNE certificate, the Advanced Negotiations Techniques for Buyers, she has mastered different types of negotiation styles, psychology, persuasion, and methodology skills. Negotiating is a huge part of being a successful real estate agent and is often overlooked by many agents as a valuable skill. By earning her CNE certificates, Tracie is able to understand different types of negotiation approaches and how or when to use certain approaches to get the best outcome for her clients.

In order to negotiate effectively, Tracie has learned to put herself in the buyer’s shoes to consider the psychology behind the buyer’s journey, and effectively implement persuasion tactics to move the needle in her client’s favor.

The common misconception is that “anybody can negotiate”. Maybe that works at a garage sale. But buying and selling real estate is usually the biggest transaction most people will ever make in their life. Since achieving Level 2 CNE, Tracie possesses advanced negotiation techniques which directly translate into benefits for her clients. With hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, Tracie’s buyer clients can rest assured and confident in her negotiating skills and believe that she will get the best terms possible for them.

Tracie is eager to obtain her level 3 CNE certificate so she can effectively negotiate in any situation. The level 3 certificate will add to her list of competitive advantages. Tracie’s goal is for her clients to know that she is the best trained agent to help them meet their needs.

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