This Week: Floridians Save on Sales Tax for Hurricane Preparedness Items

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Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday 2018

Fellow Floridians – it’s time to stock up on hurricane preparedness items, and this is the week to do it, because the Florida Department of Revenue has extended the normal 3-day sales tax holiday for disaster preparedness items to seven days! The holiday is running this year from Friday, June 1st, 2018 to Thursday, June 7th, 2018.

That means that you’ll save 7% right off the bat on all qualifying items. Even better, retailers are eagerly vying for your dollars, so many stores like Wal-Mart, Costco, and Target are offering additional discounts during this tax holiday.

How much will I save?

Here’s a handy tip for figuring out how much you are going to save on qualifying item while you’re in the store: multiply the item’s price by 7, and “move the decimal” back two spaces. That’s how much you’ll save.

So, if a pack of batteries costs $29.95, round up to 30, and multiple by 7 for 210. Move the decimal place back two, and you will know you’ve savedĀ $2.10. (It’s the same concept for quickly figuring out how much to tip on that restaurant check, too!)

Qualifying Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Items

The Florida Department of Revenue has listed the items that will now be taxed this week.

Always Exempt from Sales Tax During Hurricane Season

  • Bottled water
  • Canned food such as meats, veggies, peanut butter, and other nonperishables
  • First-aid kits
  • Prescription and over-the-counter meds
  • Baby food and formulas

Exempt from June 1-7, 2018

  • Portable generators under $750
  • Tarps, bungee cords, and tie-down or anchor kits
  • Two-way or weather band radios, powered by batter, solar or hand-crank
  • Common household batteries
  • Coolers and non-electrical ice chests
  • Gas or kerosene containers
  • Flashlights, lanterns, and candles
  • Reusable ice packs

Other things to know about the 2018 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday:

  • Look for retailers that are selling discounted items. Compare prices!
  • Price gouging is illegal in the state of Florida, and the States’ Attorney General’s office is serious about prosecuting these crimes. If you suspect a retailer is price-gouging, report them to the office’s Price Gouge Hotline atĀ 1-866-966-7226.
  • You can request a “rain check” from the retailer, which should be honored.
  • Items offering “manufacturers’ rebates” don’t qualify for the sales tax holiday, but BOGOs do!

So get out there and go stock up on the necessities, so you can have peace of mind during what is expected to be a busy hurricane season.

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