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Tracie Copeland on podcastBroker-Owner and Founder of Copeland & Co. Real Estate Tracie Copeland has been featured as a guest on the real estate investing podcast Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless.

In Tracie’s episode, titled How This West Palm Beach Broker Finds Cash Flow Deals for Investors, Joe interviews her about how she finds properties that generate positive cash flow for her investor clients from day 1. Some of her tips include finding areas of high rent-to-ownership ratios, finding up-and-coming “sleeper” neighborhoods, and more.

Tracie’s experienced with real estate investors

Tracie has been working with real estate investors for more than five years, helping her investor clients find and buy rental properties. She has even helped the same investor clients sell their properties for profit just a few years after the purchase, when the price makes sense.

Tracie Copeland can calculate various financial metrics, like net operating income (NOI), and find a purchase price on an investment property based on intrinsic value and cash flow. She has worked with clients all over the U.S. who want to park their excess cash in the stable, profitable Palm Beach County real estate market.

She has even worked with international investors from Canada and South America.

Tracie’s episode of Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

You can download and listed to Tracie Copeland’s episode on Joe Fairless’ podcast Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever using the links below.

On iTunes  On Joe's Website

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  1. Mark Padolsky
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    When it comes to everyday practices that make you a better real estate investor, there are actually a few things you can do that can sharpen your skills as a real estate investor. The best real estate investing practices are practices which are not just used by real estate investors but mostly used by successful people in every different field of business.

    • Tom Copeland
      | Reply

      Hi Mark, thanks for the comment…very much agreed that some of the most common traits of successful investor are also common in success business people in any field of business. Patience, understanding intrinsic value, and maybe most important, a deep belief in yourself and your decisions. Great comment! -Tom

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