Birthday Cake Castle: Red Cross Designer’s Showcase Home

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Hi Everyone!

I don’t have to tell you that Palm Beach is the epitome of South Florida style and grandeur. But you don’t have to be on Palm Beach island to enjoy this lifestyle!

Some of you may know that I live about a block from the intracoastal in central Palm Beach County. One of my favorite things about my part of town is the famous Birthday Cake Castle in Lake Worth, Florida, located in the historic Lake Worth neighborhood of South Palm Park.

The cool thing about South Palm Park is that it is the oldest neighborhood association in Lake Worth (don’t call it an HOA!) The NA has been an association for more than 50 years.

The Birthday Cake Castle has a history all it’s own. Built by Sherman Childs (protege to Addison Mizner, the grandfather of Mediterranean-style architecture in South Florida), “La Florentia” as it was originally named, was a birthday gift to his wife in 1925. The 7,000 square foot waterfront mansion got it’s name due to it’s many “cake-like” features, such as pillars shaped as candles, interior concrete walls that “swirl” like icing, and of course, the obvious birthday cake stained glass window above the main entrance.

It’s no wonder the American Red Cross chose the Birthday Cake Castle in Lake Worth to be it’s Designer’s Showcase Home for 2015!

The Designer’s Showcase Home is an annual fundraiser that designates one home in America to be renovated from top to bottom by America’s top interior decorators and designers. More than 20 decorators were involved in the stunning renovation, and more than 4,000 visitors were expected over the six weeks that the home was open to public tours.

My husband and I rode our scooter over one day, and took advantage of the rare opportunity to tour this beautiful landmark. We snapped a couple photos for you to enjoy.

Afterwards, we came back home to our little beach cottage and it felt very small…or shall I say, ahem…”cozy”…

How to get to the Birthday Cake Castle

From I-95, take 6th Ave South (Lake Worth) east as far as you can go…when you pass Lakeside Drive, the castle will be on your right.

NOTE: The Castle is now a private home with private homeowners. While the home can be admired from the street, please respect the owner’s privacy!

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