Palm Beach Outlets 2nd Anniversary Event

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It’s hard to believe that the Palm Beach Outlets are two years old already! The Palm Beach Outlets 2nd Anniversary Event is here this month, and they are celebrating the milestone on Saturday, February 13th, 2016 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m!

The Palm Beach Outlets has planned the usual activities you may be accustomed to seeing, if you’ve ever attended one of their events: kids activities, live entertainment and music, and giveaways of coupons and promotions that can be used at the outlet’s department stores.

Palm Beach Outlets - Main Courtyard
Palm Beach Outlets – Main Courtyard

One fun thing planned that you won’t find anywhere else: Matt Stonie will be back to challenge the world record he set last year for most birthday cake eaten in under eight minutes! The “Megatoad”, as he’s know, will try to wolf down more than 14.5 pounds of birthday cake! Crazy! The eating competition is sanctioned by Major League Eating (yup, that’s a thing), which starts at 1:00 p.m. in the main courtyard.

If you’re not into eating over ten pounds of cake in eight minutes, maybe you want to take it a little slower – like one slice of cake, on your own time. Whole Foods will be supplying birthday cake in celebration of the Outlet’s second birthday!

The Palm Beach Outlets are a good deal – if you know how to find it

Haven’t been to Palm Beach Outlets yet? This is the perfect opportunity to do so. I happen to love Palm Beach Outlets. Some people whisper that deals are hard to come by at the mall, and that “outlet prices” don’t exist. Some would say that the prices are the same as retail. But I wouldn’t go that far. While some stores are less prone to offer discounts, how much you can actually save varies store to store.

Some of the stores at the Palm Beach Outlets that have the best discounts include J. Crew, Banana Republic, Forever 21, Nordstrom Rack, and Off 5th (Saks Fifth Avenue). But, you won’t find many discounts at stores that aren’t know for providing discounts, such as Whole Foods and Nike. So, it’s really all about how, and where, you shop!

Check out the 2nd anniversary party event at the Palm Beach Outlets this weekend, on Saturday, February 13th, 2016, and go find those deals!

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