12 Most Popular Trends in New Single-Family Home Construction

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Top 12 Homebuyers Trends of 2015

This year’s list of homebuyers trends has hit! The list is put together by surveying homebuilders about what single-family homebuyers are asking for in new construction, and the survey is┬áconducted by the National Association of Home Builders.

Among the tops trends are better energy efficiency achieved by more efficient windows and appliances. Greater energy efficiency equals lower overall and long-term costs, which is a big plus for buyers. Also, the pace of technology is such that energy-efficiency doesn’t cost as much as it used to when energy-efficient appliances and fixtures first hit the market.

Also popular this year is more room – homebuilders are expected to create lots of space in what limited plot they have to work with. Number one on the list is a walk-on closet, an amenity that didn’t even exist fifty years ago when many old Florida homes were built. Also, high ceiling made the list – which are common with larger, more spacious rooms.

The following were ranked as the most likely features and amenities to be included on an average single-family home in 2015:

  1. Walk-in closet in master bedroom
  2. Laundry room
  3. Low-E windows
  4. One central or focal room
  5. Energy-Star rated windows
  6. Ceiling height on the first floor of 9 feet or more
  7. 2-car garage
  8. Programmable thermostat
  9. Granite countertop in the kitchen
  10. Central island in the kitchen
  11. Bathroom linen closet
  12. Front porch

Interestingly, the survey also features the 10 most un-likely to be required features of new constructions. Many of these are “old Florida” style, including laminate countertops, fireplaces, and two-story features like family rooms and foyers.

  1. Outdoor kitchen (cooking, refrigerators and sinks)
  2. Laminate countertops in the kitchen
  3. Outdoor fireplace
  4. Sunroom
  5. Two-story family room
  6. Media room
  7. Two-story foyer
  8. Walking/jogging trails in the community
  9. Whirlpool in the master bathroom
  10.  Carpeting as the flooring on the main level

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