5 Things You and Your Realtor Must Do To Get Your Home Sold

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Get your home soldAs we ramp up into the busy season for Palm Beach County home sales, we thought it would be timely to make sure you know the 5 things you and your Realtor must do in this market to get your home sold for the highest dollar value, in the shortest time.

#1 – Price the home right

Yes, you don’t want to hear me say it, but it’s all about the price. If you don’t list your home at the right price from the start, you will end up with less in your pocket as the months drag on. Make sure you speak with a team of local, talented Realtors that knows your area. Make sure they have the experience to know how to comp a home with accuracy.

Palm Beach County neighborhoods vary drastically within five blocks. If you don’t have a local Realtor that knows your neighborhood, you are setting yourself up for failure. The most frequent statement I hear from home sellers is “Let’s list higher to ‘leave room for negotiations'”. Friends, this is a huge mistake. You will price yourself out of the market, and the buyers in that price range will not even see your home.

What happens next if you list your home too high? After a month or so, you will drop the price and then the buyer thinks he can get a “deal” because you are now sitting on the market. You lose.

The best change of getting the best offer on your home in the quickest time possible is right when it hits the market. Price it right!

#2 – Have a proven Listing Marketing Plan

Before you agree to list with any Realtor, ask them to share their marketing plan with you. I don’t care if your Realtor is a friend, an uncle, a neighbor, or that nice lady at church. Without a marketing plan, you’re only hurting yourself in your own pocket book.

A Listing Marketing Plan needs to include everything the Realtor promises to do to sell your home, and a timeline for doing so. This include print materials, syndication on home buying websites, professional photos and videos, an open house, and web and social media marketing. Our plan also includes some “old school” tactics, like neighborhood door knocking and cold calls, because the promotion of the listing works.

It’s not uncommon for us to end up with 5-8 showings by the first day the home hits the market. Read more about our Listing Marketing Plans here.

#3 – Prepare your home to sell

I have agent on my team that will schedule an appointment with our potential listing clients to come out and physically see exactly what we need to do to get it ready for the photographer and showings. That’s the kind of thing a talented, take-charge proactive Realtor does.

But as a homeowner, you also have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone a little bit to take our advice. Rest assured: we see homes one the market every single day, which are your competition. We know exactly what buyers are looking for in listings. No clutter, no personal knick-knacks like photos of your family, no magnets on the fridge, and nothing on the bathroom counters.

This is the single biggest asset that you will ever sell…why put it to chance?

#4 – Make it easy for buyers to see your home

You wouldn’t believe how many times I have tried to show my clients a home they like, but I can’t get my buyer in to see it. Why? The seller’s agent stalls. There make excuses about why they can’t do it know. Those excuses are coming from the homeowner. What is going on here?

You, the homeowner, are hiring your Realtor to sell your home. So when you get a call that a potential buyer wants to see it, get out of the way! The answer should always be “Yes, absolutely!”, even if it’s “right now”. Yes…it’s inconvenient, but it will pay off later.

#5 – Don’t pick your friend as your Realtor

Many homeowner picks their friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor to be their Realtor, for no other reason than you know them, and you feel a sense of responsibility (or in the avoidance of guilt), in hiring them, instead of doing the work to find the absolutely best Realtor for you and your home.

Stop doing that! You have no idea if that Realtor has ever sold a home before, much less in your neighborhood and your price range.

Instead, do the hard work, and interview at least three local Realtors in your area. You can start online by look at the Realtor’s reviews on Google, Facebook, and Zillow. If you see they are selling homes and great reviews, they are professionals that will get the job done.

And if you want to skip all the hard work and just hire our talented, local Realtors, call 561-500-LIST (5478) for your initial consultation!

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