Got Pets Here’s How to Pet-Proof Your House for a Quick Sale

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Got Pets Here’s How to Pet-Proof Your House for a Quick Sale

Having a pet isn’t just having a four-legged companion running around at your feet; it’s also a way of life. In fact, the majority of the U.S. population owns a pet, with 68 percent of us admitting that we have either a cat or a dog at home. Owning a cat or a dog can be a very rewarding experience, as they tend to love without bias or judgement. However, for the remaining population of people who don’t have pets, seeing any evidence of a cat or a dog in your listed house can be a major turn-off. If you’re trying to sell your home, it’s wise to remove all traces of your pet before you show it to potential buyers. Here are three ways you can pet-proof your home for a quick sale in West Palm Beach.

Don’t Let Them Photobomb Your Listing Images

Fluffy is a majestic beast, and it’s understandable to want to show off her luxurious coat to anyone and everyone. That said, while you may think it’s cute to snap a picture of your beautiful feline stretched out across your bed, it’s better not to show those pictures on your listing. This can come off as unprofessional, and if the potential buyer has an aversion or allergies to pets, that can cause them to skip over your home completely.

Board Them the Day of the Showing

While Fido is a total sweetheart and just wants to love every human that crosses his path, you really don’t want to risk any mishaps on the day of your showing. A nervous pet can have an accident or may even bark or growl at a stranger. Furthermore, just because your pets love everyone doesn’t mean that everyone is automatically going to love your pet. For their safety, and the safety of your potential buyers, you should board your pet in a kennel before you show your house.

Deep Clean Your Home Before You Show It

When you have a pet, it’s easy to forget how many things they own. Furthermore, while you may not mind your pets’ unique odors, a stinky litter box can be an instant deal breaker to a potential buyer.  Many people are trying to envision your home as their home when they tour it, so seeing pet toys or smelling their waste can shatter that fantasy for them. Seeing tufts of cat fur on the floor, or a half-chewed dog bone on the couch, may be enough to have someone withdraw an offer. To make sure your pet doesn’t sabotage your sale, make sure you thoroughly clean it and hide any signs of your pet before you show your home.

It’s currently a seller’s market, and there’s really no better time than now to sell your home. For a free consultation about selling your, or to speak to any of our experienced real estate team here at Copeland & Co. Real Estate about selling your home, please give us a call at (561) 500-5478 today!

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