Whether you are selling your home or real estate property for the first time or the tenth time, there are some things you want to think about before you sign that listing agreement:

  • How do you know if you are listing at the right price?
  • How are recent sales or listings affecting your property’s value?
  • Who are the buyers that might be interested in your property, and how will we reach them?
  • Who is your agent, really, and how much experience do they have?

The Top 3 Biggest Mistakes Sellers Make, ALL THE TIME…

#1 – Hiring a friend or neighbor as your Realtor

If you need major surgery, would you hire your aunt just because she says she is a surgeon? Or that neighbor or co-worker? Of course not! So why real estate sellers hire random people who say they are Realtors is beyond us.

For many, selling your home is one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll make in your lifetime, with thousands and thousands of dollar at stake. Do not trust this process to just any Realtor who waves their hand in the air to get your attention.

That holds especially true to part-time or “weekend warrior” Realtors. Do not put your important financial transaction in the hands of someone just because they are your friend or neighbor. Instead, hire a professional real estate company like ours.

All of our Broker and Sales Associates at our office are full-time Realtors and real estate professionals!

#2 – Pricing your listing without a strategy

The number one reason listings sit on the market without activity, besides the common failure of the average agent to be able to market a property, is price. If a home is priced too high, you will turn off qualified buyers.

Remember, the value of a property is not determined by any of the following factors:

  • What an agent tells you they can sell the home for
  • What the agent wants to sell the home for
  • What you think the home can sell for
  • What your friends or neighbors think your home can sell for
  • What you want your home to sell for

Comparables, market factors, and a qualified buyer will ultimately determine what your home or property will sell for. We won’t agree to list your home at an unreasonable price just to get you to sign on the dotted line. We will agree to list your home at a price we believe will attract qualified buyers with intent to purchase, and sometimes that means we list it a little higher, a little lower, or right on the number we think it will sell for.

#3 – Not asking to see your Realtor’s marketing plans

Qualified buyers with intent to purchase use the Internet to find the homes, condos, townhomes, and properties that they want to see.

Traditional real estate marketing tactics like door knocking, print ads, and yard signs are still relevant, so we do that, too. But to reach the biggest pool of potential buyers today, your Realtor needs to leverage the web.

That means they need to be technically skilled in graphic design, building website pages, emails, and social media.

Any Realtor worth their salt should be ready and able to immediately describe, in detail, the marketing systems they use for listings. If they cannot produce anything when asked, take a hard pass on listing with them.

Our Comprehensive Listing Marketing Plan

We don’t want to share our “secret sauce” for selling properties at the highest possible fair market value in the shortest time possible, but generally speaking, our comprehensive Listing Marketing Plan (LMP) follows a defined and proven formula:

  • Promoting the property on the Internet using cutting-edge web design and development technologies
  • Creating high-quality, professional multimedia assets featuring the property, neighborhood, or community
  • Leveraging new and existing relationships with our professional network of Brokers and Sales Associates

…and much, much more!

Want to see an example of our plan in action? Check out this case study on how we sold our client’s single-family home property in one day for asking price using our Listing Marketing Plan!

Request a Market Value Report (MVR) for Your Home

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